Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Lottie's Rainy Day Pic

For the past couple of days now, it has been raining in Alaska. While we do need the rain I was hoping for a couple of nice sunny days to take my dolls outside and play with. However, I realized that we have a nice little overhang on the back of our house. And a porch outside my bedroom. So, I thought I would still try a little outdoors picture with Lottie. She is My AG Doll 25. I got her off a the last Jills Steals Deals. 

As you can see Pepper decided to take the picture with Lottie. I love the little raincoat. It is from American Girl. The pants are from Spring Field. The shoes are Our Generation. The only thing I do not like about the picture is the Tomato Plant. I could have cut the Tomato Plant out of the picture. However, I suppose it does add a certain flair to it. So that is why I kept it. 


Sunday, August 9, 2015

Isabelle and Tutu

Yup, its been a long time since I posted here. But I decided that I wanted to start my blog again! This time, I think I am going to aim it purely at my dolls. Though there may be other things in it. We'll see how it goes. I mostly want to start working on my doll photography. Don't worry I will still add in my crafts too! 

As I said I am going to start working on my doll photography. This is a big trend right now on the internet and I think its an awesome hobby. It would be a great way to utilize my doll clothes, accessories and props. 

So to start, I'll post a picture of Isabelle and Tutu. I love Tutu and Isabelle. I decided to add a background using scrapbook paper. And then I added in some effects of the picture on my phone. I hope everyone enjoys my little picture! 


And because Isabelle loves Ballet and dances in the Nutcracker in the books and movies, here is the Sugar Plum Fairy song! 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Ever After High Duchess Swan

It's been a while since I last posted. Mostly due to the fact that I am still working on several craft projects. I may have started too many at once again. Oh well. I'll get them all done eventually.

Anyway, last Friday, I went shopping! One of my favorite paste times! And I found a few fun things!

As you can see I found the cutest little pattern at JoAnns. It has some very vintage looking outfits and they are for the 18 inch dolls.

Next I found a copy of Pillow Talk with Doris Day in it for 5 dollars at Walmart. I havent watched it yet.

 I also got a copy of the Dovekeepers by Alice Hoffman from Amazon.  (I would not recommend this book for children.) It is about Mesada and has some inappropriate content. However the mini series was pretty decent. It could have been better. (I also would not recommend the mini series for children either.)

And finally, I found Duchess Swan at Walmart! I have been wanting this doll forever! One of the things I love collecting is the Ever After High stuff, and I have quite a bit of it too. I'll post some pictures sometime of my collection. But in the mean time here is Duchess Swan.

Here she is in the packaging. I love the boxes the Ever After High and Monster High Dolls come in. I have such a hard time throwing them away.

This is the back of the box. It tells her story and her who her friends are. 

Here she is out of the box. As you can see she comes with a stand, hair brush, a cute little hand bag and her story book. 

Here she is standing up on her stand. Isnt she just beautiful? She may be a little rebel, but I love this doll. 

And finally, here is a cute little short Ever After High video with Duchess in it. I hope you enjoyed my review! It was so much fun to do. 

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Emily's Easter Basket

This week I have been very busy making things for Emily's Easter basket and flower wreath. I started working on this project last weekend and finally finished it up Friday.

For the flower wreathed I used My Froggy Stuff Flower Wreath Tutorial . At first I did have some difficulties forming the flowers. But once I got the hang of it, the flowers formed easily enough. And came out so pretty too.

The basket I found a few years ago at a local grocery store around Easter time and picked it up. Thinking I may be able to use it for a doll craft!

I made the chocolate bunnies using an idea from Americangirlfan

The eggs I made using another tutorial from My Froggy Stuff Easter Eggs. However, I did use polymer clay instead of the flower mixture.

For the jelly beans, which you cannot see, I used polymer clay. To make your own jelly beans check out This video

One of the traditions on Good Friday in England is to pass out Hot Cross Buns. So, I decided to make Emily a couple of Hot Cross Buns. I used This tutorial and made them out of polymer clay.

The outfit Emily is dressed in, is Kit's Photographer outfit.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

A few fun finds in Alabama

One thing I have learned while going on vacation. It is so much fun to go on vacation, and visit family but it is also just as fun getting home and finding all the little treasures you were able to find on your vacation! 

Of the several fun things I found in Alabama, I did manage to pick up a few items for my doll. 

I found a cute skateboard at the dollar tree in Alabama for yes, you guessed it! $1.00! 
I also was able to find an adorable tote bag that is the perfect size for an 18inch doll. It came with a bonus too! Salt Water Taffy! 

And of course I found a ton of other fun things. I was also able to buy the new American Girl Mystery books which I love to read! 

We did so many things in Alabama. I dont know when I will get the time to post all about it. But I am going to try and post about a few the things we did. So look forward to that in the next few days. 

And of course, we are hoping to go again next spring! 

Friday, March 20, 2015

Kit's Reporter Set

I have a confession to make, I have not had much time to make any crafts this week. I have been a little busy and I am leaving for vacation tomorrow night! Yay! I am one of those lucky people who can say she still has her Grandparents living, while she is in her thirties! Yes I am that old already! Anyway, I am going to visit my Grandparents tomorrow in Alabama, and I cannot wait! 

So, I thought I would do a little post on some old crafts I made back in February. 

When I got Kit, I had decided that she needed her Kit's reporter Set. However, I did not buy it. (Though I may eventually get it) I did decide to try and make it! And this is what I came up with. 

I think it turned out pretty well, given what I had to work with. The only thing, I may either re make or buy is the camera. Or I may add to it. I kinda think, it could look better. Here is how I made Kit's reporter set. 

I made the camera out of cardboard and a soda bottle top that I painted. 
The table, my sister made me from wood. 
The pictures are from the internet. 
I made a black camera case for the camera our of felt.
Kit's reporter bag, I made out of felt. 
I made the pencil from a wooden dowel 
the reporter note book is from the Doll Star Activity Set

The dress Kit is wearing is her Photographer Outfit

And as a bonus, I have been working hard at redoing Saige's room in my doll house. It is coming along nicely. 

My sister made me a little cute cabinet. And I made the scones, paper plates, candles and jelly and tea pot from videos on the My Froggy Stuff youtube channel. I love how it is turning out! I cannot wait until it is finished. 

Friday, March 13, 2015

Last Weekend's Crafts

A little over due. But better a little over due than none at all.
Last weekend, I decided that I was going to make a cute little shirt from a baby shirt for Grace. I found the shirt in the baby section at Walmart for $3.88. And I used a Tshirt pattern from Pixie Faire. Can you tell that I love this pattern? It is so easy to use. The shirt came out very cute and I love how it looks on Grace.

I do also make other crafts besides the ones I make for my dolls. Another type of craft I love making is the Loom Bracelets you can make using rubber bands. The bands I used are not from Rainbow loom.com. However I did use my finger loom for this cute little fishtail. and it came out so elegant. I thought I would share it with everyone. For more information on The Rainbow Loom or fishtail bracelet, you can check out Justin' s Toys youtube site.

A few months ago, my sister made me a wooden doll house as a Christmas present for my 6 inch mini dolls. I finally was able to get another room done last weekend. Though, I think it needs a bit more too it. I may add a shelf to it. The windows are from My Froggy Stuff's blog.

Another craft I made last weekend was this cute little Nesting Easter Egg. I found a tutorial on how to do it from Mark Montano's youtube site. Mark Montano is perhaps one of my favorite designers. I love his craft videos and do have one of his books as well.

I also made this cute little flower pillow. The instructions I found are over at Doll Diaries.  It turned out a little smaller than I had hoped. But I still love it! And it looks lovely on Grace's bed. 

And finally, simply because I can, I took this awesome picture the sun rising last weekend over the bay near where I live. I thought it was such a beautiful sunrise. and I love how the sun shines through the trees.