Friday, February 27, 2015

Beginning a new blog

One of the things I love to do is to make crafts, especially crafts for my American Girl dolls. So I decided after years of not blogging, to start a new blog. This blog will mostly be my arts and crafts. Recipes I come across and maybe some history tidbits. Oh and of course lots of things about  Alaska, as I live in Alaska. My goal is to at least keep the blog for a year and see where I go with it from there. I cannot guarantee how often I will be blogging. But, hopefully a few times a week. As I do kinda miss having a blog. 

So for the very first craft project, here is one I made a few weeks ago. American Girl came out with a New Outfit for Kit Kittredge! It is a spring outfit, that comes with a chicken! I absolutely adore this outfit and thought, hey maybe I can recreate it!

 So I searched the internet for a cute little felt chicken pattern and made a tiny yellow chicken. The Chicken's name is Aunt Millie. Hehe. (If you read the Kit Books you know who Aunt Millie is.) The overalls are from a pattern I have had for years. I made them from an old pair of jeans and the tshirt I made from a pattern using Liberty Jane's tshirt pattern. It was one of the first tshirts I ever made. All in all the outfit looks so cute! The shoes are from Our Generation. I am really pleased with how it turned out! I may also make more chickens. Aunt Millie needs some friends. 


  1. That chicken is adorable and Kit looks cute in her overalls! So glad you are sharing your creations for dolls!

  2. So cute. I bought some little chickens(Easter Decorations) I hope to put together a scene for Kit( although I will have to use another doll as I don't have Kit) I will definitely try to make your chicken!!!

  3. Yay I am glad Linda! The chicken is so so so easy to make!