Friday, March 6, 2015

Cinnamon Rolls

Last Sunday, I decided to try my hand at making Cinnamon rolls. Which was a scary task as I have never made them before. But, I recently discovered that the bread machine we have, not only mixes bread dough for you, but also, kneeds it and rises it. So I thought, hey! Lets make some Cinnamon rolls!

My Grandmother has an old German recipe for Cinnamon rolls which everyone adores. But they call for a cup of mashed potatoes. We usually use left over mashed potatoes. And as we did not have any left over mashed potatoes. I searched for a new recipe. (I found mashed potatoes in the back of the fridge fro the other day after I made the cinnamon rolls of course.) 

Anyway, I used a combination of two recipes for my Cinnamon rolls. They turned out so yummy! I cannot wait to make them again. And they were fairly easy to make too. Especially with using the Bread Maker and cheating. hehe. 

Here is the recipe I used to make the Cinnamon Rolls. 

Make a head cinnamon rolls

The recipe says to  refrigerate them over night. I didnt do this and they turned out just find. 

This is the recipe I kinda combined the Make ahead cinnamon rolls with. I used this recipe for the glaze because I didnt have any cream cheese. 

Old Fashion Cinnamon rolls

And this is what they looked like in the end. Before we gobbled them all up. 

I think that Grace would be proud. lol. 

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