Sunday, April 5, 2015

Emily's Easter Basket

This week I have been very busy making things for Emily's Easter basket and flower wreath. I started working on this project last weekend and finally finished it up Friday.

For the flower wreathed I used My Froggy Stuff Flower Wreath Tutorial . At first I did have some difficulties forming the flowers. But once I got the hang of it, the flowers formed easily enough. And came out so pretty too.

The basket I found a few years ago at a local grocery store around Easter time and picked it up. Thinking I may be able to use it for a doll craft!

I made the chocolate bunnies using an idea from Americangirlfan

The eggs I made using another tutorial from My Froggy Stuff Easter Eggs. However, I did use polymer clay instead of the flower mixture.

For the jelly beans, which you cannot see, I used polymer clay. To make your own jelly beans check out This video

One of the traditions on Good Friday in England is to pass out Hot Cross Buns. So, I decided to make Emily a couple of Hot Cross Buns. I used This tutorial and made them out of polymer clay.

The outfit Emily is dressed in, is Kit's Photographer outfit.

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